Howdy! My name is Dylan

Who am I? Link to this heading

Growing up, I became interested in computing at an early age, just as my hometown in in Upstate New York was grapling with cable internet. My first task was to mod Minecraft at age 14, but I soon realized the power that came with being able to utilize computers in new ways. Ever since, I’ve been involved in a myriad of projects, and have a few examples available on my GitHub.

Likewise, I have worked multiple temporary positions, including 3 co-ops, 1 research assistant position, and 1 IT specialiest position.

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I am quick to adapt to any domain, but I have particular experience with low-level applications, including some embedded work, as well as Java and C#-based applications on the web and elsewhere. I specialize in process efficiency, for which I am quite accustomed to doing.